Why you need to be using Fluent Cargo!

Quickly and easily explore every carrier, every mode, every route, every port, and every timetable. All the information you need to make informed, cost-effective decisions when planning a shipment.

Fluent Cargo possesses a super-fast routing engine that combines data from planes, trains, ships, and trucks in order to find the optimal route and for your business.

Stop logging into different endless dashboards one at a time to find basic information. A single all-in-one tool to find everything you need to plan your shipment.

Use our beautifully designed and fully interactive Port Finder mapping tool to view every direct route from any port in the world. Very quickly, you can see which ports are connected to each other, anywhere in the world.

For freight forwarders, drastically reduce unbillable hours by eliminating the need to manually plan and research. Win more work and maximise the efficiency of most business's largest cost, their staff.

Limit human errors and oversights by eliminating the need for clunky, inefficient spreadsheets and other cumbersome software.

Fluent Cargo helps support a lean, efficient, and effective business flow that minimizes the need for manual tasks and maximizes customer satisfaction.

Gain a homogenous view across all modes and geographies. If the Carriers and Ports continue to distribute data in an non-standardized format, Fluent Cargo standardizes it for you.

Shipment visibility platforms are at their strength when the ship has already sailed - pun intended! It's the famous 6 P's you need to embrace - Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.