Fluent Cargo Features

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More Fluent Cargo features

    Advanced Search

    Search routes by carrier, port, aircraft type and cargo specifications

    Compare All Modes

    Compare air, ocean, road and rail (coming soon) routes in one place

    Fine Tune Results

    Filter results by carrier, vehicle type and complexity to find the optimal path

    Find your Preferred Carrier

    Filter schedule results by carrier, transshipments and complexity

    Arrival Delays and Predictions

    Fluent Cargo provides up-to-date ocean schedules including known delays and predicted arrivals

    Air Cargo Routing

    Plan your air freight with our advanced air routing capabilties

    Ocean Vessel Routing

    Optimise your ocean shipments by finding the best carrier on the best route

    Find Nearby Ports

    Search by any place, city or address to see closest airport or seaports


    Accurate Air, Ocean and Road emissions estimations calculated automatically for every route and schedule.

    Disruption Avoidance

    Avoid global and local disruptions by fine tuning your routes around bottlenecks like Panama and Suez canals

    Seaports and Airports

    We cover every major seaport and airport on the planet with regular service connections

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently asked questions about the Fluent Cargo apps and its features.

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