Pricing & Features

Find a Fluent Cargo plan that works best for you and your team. We offer 4 tiers of plans with varying features and functionality that will believe will scale with your needs.

Our Basic and Starter plans are Free for everyone to use and only require a Fluent Cargo account (no credit card needed). Our Fluent and Fluent+ tiers will be subscription based plans that we plan to fully release in the next quarter. Until then we've made all of our paid features free for users on the Starter tier!

Pricing tiers available for Fluent Cargo software


An introduction to
Fluent Cargo

Free to use


Starter account with
most features

Free with an account


Pro business account
with all features

Coming soon

Fluent +

Unlimited Pro business
account with all features

Coming soon

Research tools and content

Airport and Seaport data
Carrier/Operator information
Pricing and Congestion charts

Included while in Beta

Port Finder Tool

Route Searching

A to B routing search
Routes paths on interactive map
Alternative routes and carriers
Detailed route itineraries
Export itineraries to PDF / Excel / CSV
Via/Avoid search
Cargo plane search
Filter results by carrier and vehicle
Schedule and frequency overview
Live schedule search

Included while in Beta

Direct “Click to book” routes


Route searches

5 / day

5 / day

20 / day


Schedule searches

10 / day


Search history




General support
Priority support
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Get Fluent in Cargo

Cutting edge algorithms

Super fast access to all the information you need to choose the optimal route.

Informed decisions

Understand schedules, port level information, indicative pricing, emissions generated and other factors that influence shipment planning.

Increased efficiencies

Minimise endless research and manual tasks. Maximise the efficiency of your business's largest cost, your employees.

Global & comprehensive

Learn about airports, seaports and rail hubs in every country and drill into information about freight Planes, Ships, Trucks and Trains. All in one place!