Product updates

We are constantly improving our core data and product offering. Keep up to date with the latest improvements and releases below.

April 2023

New Features:

  • We added the "Next Departures" freight schedules to the Shipping Line profile pages to allow users to get a quick snapshot of where specific services run and provide an overall view of the offerings and regularity. Check out an example here: Sealand.

  • We have released an improved Carrier Directory page that lists all the Airlines and Shipping Lines in our database in an easy-to-search format that will help users find information on shipping partners much more quickly.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: An issue with the Port Finder connections lines when they crossed the international date line. This would cause some lines and icons to glitch and render incorrectly.

  • Fixed: When logging in users would sometimes not get redirected back to the page they were originally before clicking 'Sign in'. This issue affected both OAuth and Email logins. This issue is now fixed and when signing in users will get redirected back to where they were so they can continue their tasks.

March 2023

New Features:

  • Users can now see previous searches that they have performed in the past. We now keep a record of every route your query so you can easily get back to where you were next time you return to continue your shipment research.

  • Freighter aircraft are now better identified in our product interfaces and highlighted where possible to indicate the difference between a Passenger aircraft and a dedicated cargo/freighter plane.

  • You can now toggle between Outbound and Inbound connections between ports in our Port Finder tool. Previously we were only showing outbound connections, but due to lots of feedback, we also added the reverse view.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Country-to-country search sometimes not returning enough routing results. We have improved our logic around how we handle these types of queries to ensure that routes land-locked such as Switzerland still can produce ocean results by finding the nearest port in neighbouring countries (for example).

  • Fixed: Some routes we returning incorrect or missing routes due to issues with how islands are identified and how our connection via road to them is detemermined. This means you can now successfully route cargo from Japan to Phuket in Thailand (which previously would return an error due to complications with the bridge to Phuket from the mainland).

February 2023

New Features:

  • 🎉 Users can now log in with a password instead of email links. This was a highly requested feature and we are excited to get feedback on what you all think about it.

  • We have expanded our Contact Us page to better categorise the enquires our users are sending to us. This will help us better handle the high volume of shipping, rate requests and general enquires.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: We were not showing some seaports in the Port Finder tool that we should have. We typically filter out Ports that have no active services others there would be too many dots on the map. There was a bug that was accidentally removing low-volume ports instead of no-volume ports.

January 2023

New Features

  • You can now see predicted delayed vessel arrivals in our ocean schedule search. We now update our vessel location data daily, allowing us to see where they are, compared to where they are meant to be (according to published schedules). This allows us to determine how far behind or ahead of schedule the vessel is and warn you before you make a booking

  • We have improved how we show Ocean and Air frequencies for specific routes. We now have more up-to-date data which allows our product to better indicate the volume of departures per day/week.

  • The back button (in the details panels) now sticks to the top of your browser window. This was a much-requested feature as our users told us they were constantly having to hunt it down when they scrolled.

  • The mini-map in the Details Panel now shows the full shipment path/route and can be zoomed and panned around to see more detail.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: There was an issue with some login via email links breaking when users clicked them from specific email clients. This is now resolved, please let us know if you continue to experience issues with this.

  • Fixed: We have fixed a bug that was temporarily sorting our air routes by slowest first, instead of fastest first.

  • Fixed: We got reports that our filters were not functioning well in Firefox browser. Thanks for letting us know, this is now resolved.