Seaport name

King Abdullah City SAKAC

Port type



Saudi Arabia (SA)


22.400, 39.083



Local time

Seaport Access

Inland Waterway

Alternative seaports

Alternative seaports with regular departures that are near King Abdullah City. Ranked from closest to farthest away.

Carriers that service this port

There are 2 carriers that service King Abdullah City. We have ranked them based on their scheduled frequency into that Port and included alternative names where available.

Carrier Name
Departure frequency
Carrier Identifier: MSCUMSC
2-4 times a week
Carrier Identifier: MAEUMaersk
Every 1-2 weeks

Congestion data for this port

The below graph displays the historical trends of both operational times and anchorage waiting time at King Abdullah City. The unit of measurement is in 'Days'.

Connectivity Rank

What is a Connectivity Ranking?

We’ve created a ranking system that determines which Airports and Seaports around the world have the most direct connections to other local and global ports.

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