Perth to Tel Aviv-Yafo By Air freight, Cargo ship or Road

See the best way to ship your freight from Perth, Australia to Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel by various transport modes including Air, Sea and Road. Compare transit times, emissions, route options and much more.

Perth to Tel Aviv-Yafo by Container ship

The quickest way to get from Perth to Tel Aviv-Yafo by ship will take about 86 days 16h and departs from Adelaide (AUADL) and arrives into Ashdod (ILASH). There are vessels departing n/a on this route.

Quickest ocean route

Adelaide to Ashdod

Port of loading

Port of loading

86 days 16h


30,488 km

18,944 mi.


No stops

Estimated emissions

2.07t CO₂ (per TEU)

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