Africa Express schedules

Upcoming vessel departures and sailing schedules for Africa Express Line

Africa Express schedules and upcoming departures
Next DepartureArriving inDurationVesselDescription
27 Jun
30 Jun
3 Jul
6 Jul
8 Jul

Country flag: MAMAAGA

Country flag: SNSNDKR

4 days

Direct service


IMO 9438482

Country flag: BEBEANR

Country flag: CICIABJ

10 days 19h

Direct service


IMO 9172480

Country flag: GHGHTEM

Country flag: CICIABJ

14h 56m

Direct service


IMO 9330056

Country flag: FRFRPOV

Country flag: GIGIGIB

1 day 6h

Direct service

Star Prima

IMO 9338747

Country flag: CMCMDLA

Country flag: GHGHTEM

1 day 18h

Direct service


IMO 9150822

Top 10 ports serviced by this carrier

These are the top 10 ports that Africa Express services. They are ranked by frequency of departures and include both international and domestic services.

1CIABJAbidjanIvory CoastEvery 1-2 daysMore details
2GIGIBGibraltarGibraltar2-4 times a weekMore details
3GHTEMTemaGhana1-2 times a weekMore details
4SNDKRDakarSenegal1-2 times a weekMore details
5CMDLADoualaCameroonEvery 1-2 weeksMore details
6GBPMEPortsmouthThe United KingdomEvery 1-2 weeksMore details
7BEANRPort of Antwerp-BrugesBelgiumEvery 1-2 weeksMore details
8MAAGAAgadirMoroccoEvery 1-2 weeksMore details
9ESCARCartagenaSpainEvery 1-2 weeksMore details
10FRPOVPort-VendresFranceEvery 1-2 weeksMore details

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